A new general, some close ups of banners and Moreau’s dog

I ended up with a spare general from ABs 1806 Prussian command. The others slotted nicely into Russian or Austrian command groups – with a bit of help from Messrs Milliput and Green Stuff.
However, this figure of a very dramatic Blucher did not fit with any plans I had. I gave him a ‘fore and aft’ bicorne and he suddenly became very French. Messrs Milliput and Green Stuff called again and he got a nice fur lining to his jacket and some badges of rank and became, in time a General of light horse. He could easily pass for Lassalle, but there were plenty of other blokes sporting fancy uniforms.
He is on a base with a senior officer and trumpeter of the Guard Chasseurs.
Our photographer has caught a particularly dramatic moment in the charge. A six pounder has struck the earth just in front of the general, and because luck and glory are on his side; the ball has bounced and will continue past him on its destructive path. It does have some ones name on it but I am guessing it will be the name of some unfortunate trooper.

its just a turd, boys. Pay it no heed

its just a turd, boys. Pay it no heed


You can clearly see said 'turd'. It does have someones name on it, but not these fellas!

You can clearly see said ‘turd’. It does have someones name on it, but not these fellas!

Pierre Bezhukov is based on Antony Hopkins (glasses) and Sergei Bondarchuck (top hat) One can never have enough dilletante Francophile spectators with your Russian Army.


This is Moreau’s dog. I dont know what sort of dog it was or what colour it was. So it is THIS dog and it is brown. Here he is having a good bark at a fleeing Russian!


I was very pleased with the way the religious banners came out. I had surrounded my painting table with postcards of Orthodox depictions of Jesus and Mary. I can take the all down now thank heaven!!



I am back on to the Landsknechts via Perry’s new General Washington  and then I’ve got some flats and Austrians to do!



6 responses

  1. Thaks von Peter.
    Yes I had a bit of a giggle doing Blucher. The Russian scenes were very much a labour of love. Too much work really to go on a wargames table and pretty much unsaleable on eBay!
    Into a box they go!

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