Those nice men from Berg, and other stories.

Finally finished the Berg light horseIMG_8703_edited-1IMG_8692_edited-1IMG_8705_edited-1Once again technology has the better of me the photographs really are crap and really they are quite bright and breezy. They have turned out very nice. I think it is the combination of green and grey and then that pink that the French were so fond of.

They took some work. Originally they were Vistula Uhlans because the troopers and trumpeter had the sheepskin saddle coverings and the officer the Polish style shabraque. Which was a big tick. The lances were removed and replaced with brass wire and the end filed down to a point. They are depicted with their pennon covers on. All czapkas were covered, and all were given a blanket roll over the right shoulder. I only had to move the trumpeters riding arm slightly to accommodate this. A piece of fine wire was wrapped over the trumpeters roll depicting the trumpet cord. The officers shabraque was cut and modelled in the fashion apparently favoured by very many light horsemen. Presumeably this stopped the ends flapping about and annoying the horse. All additions were done with a Milliput/greenstuff mix.


I have started work on Austrian generals (when in fact I still have some Russians to finish!) and here are some test shots.IMG_8701_edited-1IMG_8699_edited-1IMG_8696_edited-1IMG_8694_edited-1IMG_8698_edited-1I seem to have misplaced some. They have some out slightly darker than they actually are. The plan is to do an ‘Archduke Charles at Aspern’ model with him rallying IR Zach. Then do a few others of 1809 vintage and then move on to 1813, but I am struggling for inspiration.

I picked up a load of Minifigs waggons recently. They have stood the test of time well and only really needed new whells for them to be brought up to 18mm standard which they now have. Currently they are having extra detail slapped on. I have a plan…

Here is a bright and breezy fellow indeedIMG_8700_edited-2

Some sort of drum major – not sure which regiment. The Emperor spoiled things with his Imperial livery. Apparently, I am getting some actual drummers to go with him. Apparently!

I have really struggled with the latest batch of ‘Explosions!’ They have taken an age, and to be honest really should not have. Somehow, I had a complete panic when I had nearly completed them, and ripped them apart (how appropriate). Now rebuilt they look fine and I don’t know what the fuss was.IMG_8799_edited-1IMG_8798_edited-1IMG_8797_edited-1

I am having a bad time with 28mm at the moment. I have been trying to do Front Rank’s General Lasalle. I know FR are popular and and cannot fault the cleanliness and crispness of the casting.


Everytime I picked the man up, I was disapointed at the the lack of detail. He was famous for his flamboyant dress and yet there are no distinctions of rank on the model – nothing on his sleeves, nothing on his legs. His shabraque is completely plain with no detail and his scabbard and sabretache are straight up and down as though the man was stood completely still and yet his horse is preactically flying and so is he! It is the same with his Adc – dynamic pose and horse, but from the waist down nothing. AND the arms have come off both the Adc and the accompanying cuirrassier officer (ditto comments about his scabbard)

I  cannot sculpt for toffee, but there is something really disappointing when an artist (Front Rank) sort of only does half a job. Had more imagination been put in to match the vision it would have been an utterly outstanding model. When I started I was determined to do a good job and I am dead pleased with my painting (having said that FR sculpting style does help very much) but have got to the stage wher I have to give up. Its ‘doing my head in’ as young people say. AND no matter what I do I am never going to get a seem -less join on the AdC’s sword arm. Bin or if anyone wants him pay postage and you vcan finish the model at your own leisure.

In this mood I picked up Perry’s General Uxbridge and his light dragoon escort. They have already been through the paintstripper process once. And I thought …No! life is too short.

And I have a dark ages general dude on my table. He is fine but I cannot get his shield right. And I aint paying for decals!

So I am not in a good place as far as my own 28mm figures are.

What I have retrieved from this debacle is this little dio. But I really had to work through some dark places to get it finished. I thought only writers suffered with block…IMG_8827_edited-1IMG_8792_edited-1IMG_8789_edited-1

Thanks for listening…


2 responses

  1. Lovely looking stuff all around. I am always impressed by your 15mms and the diorama at the bottom is great, especially the choice of minis from different Perry sets!

    If it is any consolation… I guess we all have these cases of painters block from time to time. I am struggling with myself right now. The other week i wanted to start a new force for Warzone. Being SciFi I could take more freedom here and tried a colour scheme I had in mind for nearly a year now. The end result looked horrible and the second test piece is now stuck on its basic colour. Right now I am in no mood to take it any further and will most likely simply go for another force and give it more thought over the winter! 😦

  2. That sounds disappointing Burkhard.
    You could have come at it a little differently though. You could have continued painting them and claimed that ‘they’ chose the colours you only painted them. And they would have been memorable. Imagine being met with a ‘Jeez! look at those!’ everytime they were deployed on the table. It could work in your favour some form of psy-ops…

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