The hole in the cemetary wall has been made by round shot, so the bricks are scattered in the cemetary. Debris made from kneadadite. At one point I sculpted a French knapsack with a marshals baton sticking out! – it never made it to the model.
Perry miniatures. Mdf base, milliput cardboard, small bricks, etched brass and plastic. Scattered accoutrements
Assault Group. Mdf base, milliput and string. Hand made and painted banner.
Assault Group. Mdf base, TAG gabions, home made wattle revetment.
Assault Group. Mdf base, cork, milliput, string and etched brass. Hanging wheel (not big enough I know) by me. Tillys banner hand painted and researched. There is a fragment of this flag preserved in Bavaria.
Assault Group. Mdf base cork miliput grape stalks and etched brass. Standard wire and greenstuff
Assault Group figures. Mdf base, cork, miliput and string. Hand painted banner

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