Look out! Here we come!…and its about time too!

With the Russians more or less out of the way it has been time to revisit the Landsknechts. So two command stands follow.

As usual flags are painted. Both are made up. I dont know what flags they may have carried. However, I am bored with some of the specimens often shown. The  Doppel Adler or whatever, and the usual few southern German city arms are fine, but I am not convinced that as mercenaries they would have carried these unless employed by  those places. It’s an arcane subject area. I don’t doubt that there are good descriptions/illustrations out there, its just that the wargaming community (and me!) haven’t found them yet

The one for the chaps in white was inspired by Durer’s Ship of Fools they have a flag with the head of a “Narr” on it. The other is from some coat of arms I have a picture of. Its sort of Imperial, without claiming too much authority. I am sure it’s German.

The drummer has glasses on. Almost without exception I have seen these painted as blue with highlights, as though reflecting the sea. These tend to have been painted by foundry fanbois.  They don’t look like this. Generally all you can see is an approximation of the wearers face – a smudge of pink. So this is how I have done mine. Wouldn’t look good on the front of a Magazine of course but I do try to keep things more or less accurate here at Atelier-Robin. (rant over)

I am both happy with and unhappy with the dudes in all white, perhaps the underclothing showing through the slits ought to have been lighter, or some sort of bluey- grey. I just happen to think that pale browns look fine.

The figures are from Pro Gloria and are rather nice. I am doing the vignette of the dice players at the moment.

The Company of fools

The Company of fools



Next up appears to be some miscellaneous  Napoleonic 28mm that I have had around for a while. It may be that they are straight to eBay releases rather than appearing here!


These two bases are for sale. I’d rather not do eBay so if they tickle your fancy contact me direct!


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  1. Great paintjob mate! You make nice work of contrasting colours typical of landsknecht dress. I love the progloria line and will post pictures of my fähnlein once its all painted up. Untill then please have a visit over at my community blog 🙂

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