Another success at White Rose – pleased with myself.

I took the Russians to White Rose M.M.S. today and was very gratified to get a bronze medal. To be honest I thought that there were plenty of models that should have been placed above me, but I got some amazingly positive feedback especially with regard to the banners and icons.

I find it fascinating that nearly all of them say that they would never touch something in such a small scale whereas I wouldn’t know where to start with a 54mm figure. I know its different techniques. I will have to have another go with flats, but you have to be so subtle and careful with colour to get the effect right.

The Gold Medal this time went to an awesome 75mm flat of a semi nude lady wearing (barely wearing I must emphasise) a silk thingy. The effect of the skin showing through the silk was simply superb. Silver went to a militia man of the AWI.

I am in awe of the talent on show here at this club. There is fellow who makes 1/76 scale vehicles from WW1 out of plastic card and the detail makes your jaw drop. Some of the flats are inspirational.

The camera battery is recharged so I will have another go at photographing the Russians. I will have another vignette completed this week and hopefully a 28mm George Washington completed. I am tempted to dig out the Landsknechts again too.

Unfortunately one of Barclay de Tolly’s mates broke yesterday. He was a conversion and I am not sure that I can fix him with out it looking really bad. He will probably get a replacement chum.


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