The tip of the (Nice) Berg

Sorry for the pun.

I have had it in mind to convert something AB into the Light Horse Lancers of Berg for quite a while and so I picked up half a dozen Polish Uhlans for that very job. The Lancers of the Guard would not work as the troopers all had pointed shabraques, whereas the Berg Light Horse rode with light horse saddlery the same as the line chasseurs and line lancers.

The officers may have had either.

Also none of ABs lancers are dressed in  campaign dress with rolled overcoats and pictures of the Berg regiment with blanket/overcoat rolls have always caught my eye.

So 4 Vistula Uhlans, a trumpeter and an officer.

All epaulettes and fancy lace and cords were removed from all the figures

All needed Czapzka covers. Off came all the detail and a thin film of milliput and/or greenstuf applied. I tried to ‘suggest’ the folds etc in the putty but it was a difficult job. Another problem was not to increase the size of the head gear which looks fine to me though painting might reveal a horror.

More putty was used for the blanket/overcoat rolls over the right shoulder and under the riding arm with the ends over the hilt of the sword. I think that these ‘roll’s were very much more substantial as to simply be flattened by the left arm, but there is really nothing I could do short of lifting up that arm from the body for it to rest on a ‘bulkier’ overcoat. This would have caused much buggeration (sounds a lot like a certain Russian General!) so was not done. I can live with the result.

Cast lances were removed hands and lance buckets drilled out and replaced with brass rod which had had lance points cut and filed. The pennants were enclosed in the little cover, and the lance grip modelled in putty.

The trumpeter got a new trumpet cord to go over his overcoat roll.

The Officers shabraque had its rear corners removed and remodelled with them folded as would have been the case in action.


In the photo you get the idea of the areas worked on. I may have to revisit the czapzka covers and the ends of the  rolls to make sure that they are straight.

I have had a number of enquiries about explosions both as commissions and as a ‘how to’ with photo’s. I will try to remember to do this.

I think I have nailed the process of doing ‘air-burst’ explosions and am in the process of modelling an exploding tree (!) – beloved of Hollywood I know, but confirmed in eye-witness accounts. Another explosions will also feature a fence or something along that line.




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