The  usual crappy photography notwithstanding I am very pleased with the latest lot of vignettes. Unfortunately the camera battery ran out before I could show every detail. I have also lost the ability to use focus and stuff. I really do not understand photography at all.

Anyhow here are some Russian generals 1812 through to 1813. Many are standard AB, many are converted AB and a few are Atelier Robin originals! They are not difficult to spot.

I did the kneeling Opolchenya and the Monks/priests carrying the banners and Icons.

I reshaped several quiffs, made lots of bicornes and a top hat -Yes! that dapper young man on Kutusov’s base is meant to be Pierre Bezukhov !

The Icons and banners are painted by me.

Terrain is the usual mixture of static grass, Silflor, ground foam and earth with three etched brass trees.

The Tsar and Kutuzov are detachable should one want to travel around the battlefield.

General Moreau’s loyal dog makes an appearance on the Tsars base, but that was one of the elements that failed to make it to the pictures.

Once the battery has recharged I will take some more pics and see if I can get some less fuzzy or stark images.

Bag1 copy

General Bagration pays his respect to God

Barclay de Tolly

Barclay de Tolly

general Kutuzov

general Kutuzov


Pierre Bezhukhov watches


Icon Procession detail

Icon Procession detail

another view

another view

His Imperial Majesty, God's Right Hand on Earth, Alexander, Tsar of all the Russias!

His Imperial Majesty, God’s Right Hand on Earth, Alexander, Tsar of all the Russias!

comfort for the wounded?

comfort for the wounded?


Can't remember who this general is...

Can’t remember who this general is…


10 responses

  1. A wonderful vignette surpassed only by the hand painted icons! This showcases a couple of benefits of 18mm figures. Not only do you get to use AB figures but such a scene in 28mm would require a dinner plate or similar sized base.

    And I fully sympathise regarding the black magic that is photography.

    von Peter himself

  2. Another fine piece of craftsmanship. I have been fortunate to see the figures in the ‘flesh’ and the pictures just don’t do figures, icons and bases justice. The theme is inspiring and for those who wish a smaller vignette or wish to game the Tzar and ‘hangers on’ and Kutuzov and toadies come on detachable bases.- a great idea.

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