More Napoleons!!

Have now completed the latest commission two bases with several interchangeable Napoleons that can be ‘slotted’ into position depending on the situation. Napoleon can be consulting a map or sat in his chair or looking intently over the field of battle.

One of the pieces includes a heavily milliputted Baueda tent which took several goes before it looked right. Apparently the big fella’s tent was oval in shape, but that would have meant starting from scratch. An interesting option for me but rather too costly for the customer.

The figures are a mixture of Warmodelling and AB. The only comment I will pass on completion of this model is that Warmodelling figures are ‘not’ AB. There are some great ideas there with the figures but only some of the sculpting is successful. For example their Napoleon and Roustam vignettes are very nice but Napoleon bent over his map is quite poor. and there is little one can do with it. I wish Tony Barton would cast his imagination back to the French high command. I could do with some more AB Napoleons and of course the ever absent Murat.

The figures are based on square metal bases at the owners request. This was a shape I found to be surprisingly restrictive  to my imagination. A lot more so than a round one or an irregular shaped base.

The bases were decorated with soil ground foam, earth powders and static grass.

I gave a couple of the AdC’s a head swap using the very nice Peter Pig spare heads (though PP could do me a favour and release several more different packs for variety).



Once more I am unhappy with my photography. Just cannot get it right…


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