Bombed photos of Landschnechts (new spelling)

These are a few days in to the process and try as I might I still cannot take a decent photograph.

What you see here is ‘contrast major’ – the transitions between the whites are not as stark as they look here and frankly I am disappointed at not being able to show you what they really look like. I am really pleased with the guys in white even though there is a bit of work to do.

Standard poles are now fixed in – I don’t know why I didn’t do this initially.

I have found a couple of really good ideas for flags – one definitely will be scene from an allegorical woodcut and the other might include pigs to which I will add a coat of arms.IMG_7535IMG_7533IMG_7534IMG_7514I will have to tone down the shadows of the white figures. The second standard bearer will be red and blue and the bloke with the sword I am not so sure about.


Hey ho!



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