Christmas comes early!

My Croebern 1813 book arrived today and by golly its wonderful! Certainly worth the cost.

What I am  really impressed by is the scale. Not just that there are 20,000 model soldiers in the model, but the ‘scale’ of how much space all those soldiers took up during manouvres. A painting simply cannot give a proper indication of the distances and space involved for moving just one batallion. Wargame designers could do worse than examining this model, before making assumptions about the space, time and level of organisation required to get a division through a village and deployed in the fields beyond. All the waggons and horses involved in moving just one battery of artillery are quite staggering.

It is simply a stunning piece of work.

I wish…

If I had quibbles it is the lack of plans of the model with dimensions and more pictures of construction methods. These are of course on their website so it is not really much of an issue.

If you are short of ideas for Christmas, ask your nearest and dearest for this book.


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