Some photo’s now of the latest completed Vignette.

The ‘Petit Maison’ – This model comes in two parts.

The larger (outer) part has Roustam, Constant, and Imperial AdC, and two members of the Duty Squadron.

The smaller (inner) Part has the Emperor and a mixture of Generals and Colonels.

The idea is that when Tony Barton gets round to doing more models of Napoleon, now inner vignettes can be subsitituted, depending on what the Emperor is doing – looking at a map, discussing something with Berthier, sat with his foot on a drum like at Borodino.

All we need now is for AB and Eureka to come up with half a dozen Napoleons.

Oh and half a dozen Murats!










6 responses

  1. This is a very fine piece of work with all the figures complimenting each other. My favourite is Colbert the ‘red lancer’ general with rest as joint second. The simplicity of Constance’s valet unform to the fancy uniform and horse furnture of Roustam. The faces are all different, well sculptured and painted with expression – all viewing the action or manouvreing to their front.

  2. Fantastic stuff! A real benchmark/challenge and inspiration all in one. I’m collecting armies for Russia 1812 in 6mm & 10mm, but with additional commanders in 15mm & 28mm. I’m currently painting a load of AB generals, & taking my time… making very, very slow progress! Barton’s sculpts are sublime…

    • Thanks Seb. Painting 6mm seems like one of the ‘darker arts’ to me and I just couldn’t go there, but the 10mm stuff I have seen are very good indeed.
      But AB…as you suggest they are the bees knees!

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