French Fancies

Its been another long while since I posted. Its not that I haven’t been idle, it’s just all been a bit slow.

That’s the ME for you.

And the Chickens.

Go look at Mrs Ateliers blog

Its about Chickens.


However I have got some painting done and I have been to Salute and bombed in the painting competition. Disappointing of course, and that added to my lack of engagement with the event as a whole. Picked up some stuff, saw lots of stuff. Said hello to Eureka. But was left feeling a little let down.

Ate well at Belgo though.


So on to the latest models. Back to Napoleonics and a change of scale. My photography skills really don’t do the figures justice. I am immensely pleased with them, Ney in particular. I right enjoyed doing his base.

AB miniatures really are the dogs bollocks aren’t they? I have painted some Battle Honours – eons ago it seems – but this is my first time with their 18mm pals. I look at them with awe. I just don’t know how Barton does it on such a small scale. To my mind they are considerably better than most 25/28 mil stuff. The detail, the animation and the ART!!!! They are so natural of pose, and capture the period so very well (like TAG’s and Emile Horky’s 30 years war figures).


I hope that their owner will enjoy them! As ever if anyone wants anything like these doing, feel free to contact me.

Braves des braves!

Braves des braves!



General LaSalle

General LaSalle


The aADC in the foreground is an awesome figure to paint

The ADC in the foreground is an awesome figure to paint


lasalle2lasallelasalle 4


I just can get enough light on the models, and/or get the focusing correct. Perhaps I should take more time. Or talk to John. I’ll talk to John. He’s the fella that knows.

I have got a few more vignettes coming up. Napoleon, Davout, Lannes, and various divisional generals. Hopefully I will get my act together a little bit and be more regular with the blog.

Hey ho!





3 responses

  1. Robin,

    Simply fantastic! I can see how you did the figures but it is the basing that makes these dioramas. How do you do the corn and the foliage? Excellent!


  2. Wow! As the recipient I am very pleased with outcome. If that is not an understatement I am not sure what is! The painting is the ‘business’ the basing is superb. They are simply excellent and I look forward to more of their colleagues arriving and leading the way.


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