‘..and is there honey still for tea?’

I am increasingly intrigued by the ideas contained in Very British Civil War. As a subject it contains a rare combination of actual history, opportunity for imagination, and complete silliness which provides a neat barrier between gamers and the very real issues faced by (my) parents generation in the lead up to the Great War against Fascism.

Generally, I am very uncomfortable with games of WW2., and this is not the place I want to explore the why’s and wherefores . Suffice to say I don’t like Nazi’s, either dead ones or the Stafford Games sort (allegedly?).

However there is something altogether comical about Moseley, his harem of upper class idiots, and the BUF. They are just silly. Violent and hateful, but silly none the less.

It will come as no surprise therefore that the side I would go for would be the left of centre groups- but NOT I emphasise, the communists.

I decided to plan and create a roving formation that could fight anywhere in the country (for the sake of the COUNTRY), made up of workers, trade unionists, Methodists and educated middle classes. They would be formed into the ‘Kier Hardie’ Brigade, of which my force would be of the 1st Bradford battalion, of the Bronte Regiment – cos that’s where I am from.

I have had a lot of fun thinking up a history and organisation of the regiment against the background of a grim northern city.

The problem then arose, because I don’t really have access to gaming these days, and so before I got too involved I decided take a step back from the project.

So a dozen figures painted with nowhere to go, except alas, eBay. I still have a 1/50 scale traction engine and some scale corrugated aluminium sheet to add armour for later ( unless someone wants it!)


Rupert Brooke’s 1912 poem, ‘Grantchester’ seems quite appropriate as a lament of the world about to be lost in 1936, as it had been in 1914.

Here are the boys

C company (Bierley)

C company (Bierley)


I would dearly like to revisit this project at some point, but with no prospect of gaming it, it seems a bit pointless to progress.

Unlike the Saxons., One can never go without the Saxons- I have so many to paint and would love to see them completed.

I have recently completed some fortifications as a commission. They were built to match the little vignette I made last year.  A very interesting little project  -a half dozen run of gabionage hexagons. Much of the gabionage was hand made, but I had to get some metal Gabions  from TAG. I did have some resin ones which were shocking in terms of quality, and when you try to clean them up the break easily. I hate resin. Never again.

So metal gabions , resin gabions (the ones I could rescue) wire, milliput/greenstuff/procreate, wood, and real soil. etc



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  1. Great looking figures. You should think about putting them away for a bit rather than up on Ebay. The opportunity to game may come up faster than you think.

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