Sassanid Shennanigins

Here is the latest commission completed. Based around Aventine’s lovely Sassanid general and dismounted cavalry, plus a bit of imagination.

The Shah takes the surrender of the Roman Emperor, and has thoughtfully placed many Roman objects around – weapons, armour, shields, amphorae and standards and so on to make him feel much more at ease.

Behind him, a religious ceremony gives thanks for the victory – note the basket of pomegranates, the fresh flowers and the flames – essential for a Zoroastrian service. The bearded priest has covered his face as is required in this religion.

Behind them all floats the ‘Derafsh Kāviān,’ the great flag, guaranteeing victory. Originally a gold painted piece of leather, it has now grown in size covering several hides and is covered with gold and jewels.

As far as the modelling is concerned, the priest and that set up is Baueda, Roman shields are A&A, transfers by LBM (I was NOT going to paint 30 Roman shields), weapons and some standards from a kind gentleman from Antwerp.

The main Roman standard is  hand painted based on mosaic of Alexander the Great (ohh the irony!!!) The Dracos are hand modelled as are the two sets of of armour. The vases and amphorae are a mixture of bought and made.

The Shah is a bit converted, and all Sassanid shields are  painted.

The Zoroastrian priest has had a beard and face mask added, the fresh flowers are by me, the pomegranates from the spares box. The flames and smoke in the braziers are home made

The ‘Derafsh Kāviān’ is made from green stuff, miniature gold balls, Indian jewellery and coloured plastic jewels/

The wooden frame is made from wood and wire.

The little cliff is cork and the whole base is milliput, real soil, Silflor tuft and mat, and ground cork and scatter.

Currently I am doing some more Napoleonic generals, and some earthworks.




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