Burgunder Booty

A change of military pace here on Atelier-Robin and  with some trepidation, here are some pictures of figures I painted some time ago.

I have had an interest in Charles the Bold since visiting Switzerland in 1980 and gawping at the museum displays and over the years have amassed a decent library about him and his court – especially the flags captured in 1476-77.

So when I was asked to paint this army I leaped at the chance.  I am especially proud of the flags. I admit some don’t work as well as the others and there needs to be some explanation.

At least two of the Burgundian infantry flags are wrong. Unfortunately I was relying on Osprey and ‘wargaming’ books at the time. It was only when in correspondence with Rune Kramm of  http://www.krigsspil.dk/ that I worked it out. There seems to be an unfortunate trend within the hobby that sees people simply copy the mistakes other people make without checking, and call it research. I have learned to be both very wary of some things produced as ‘guides to’ and folk who produce flags for figures.

Some of the Italian flags for this army were simply made up by me. Reprehensible I know, but there is a form of logic at work here, if a bit skewed. Some flags are known and I have done those. Other flags I did are based either coats of arms (which are accurate) or mid-late C15th, paintings and allegorical drawings, which looked ‘right’. The figures had to have flags and I would rather trust my own judgement as to what looked right, based on fairly extensive research, but ultimately compromising on accuracy.

There are other pictures in the Burgundian section of the gallery.

Actually alythough I call them MY Burgundians, I painted these for my friend John.

Italian Mercenaries. The claw is definitely the correct emblem of one band of mercenaries, the other flag is copied from a C15th painting. Behind are some Flemish town flags ( I think!)

Two more ‘allegorical’ flags from Italian artwork of the C15th.

This picture has the two incorrect flags on it. In the pikes, the blue flag with the rounded fly and the red flag with the Burgundian cross are both incorrect for the Burgundian Wars. They were captured by the Swiss later. The red flag next to the blue one, is reconstructed from an incomplete fragment in the Swiss flag collection.
In front you can see two more correct Italian heraldic banners.

A Burgundian company flag with (I think) St Thaddeus. Other flags in the background are made up Italian mercenary flags using allegorical images and some ‘non’ Ordonnance Gens d’Armes

This is a converted ‘murder’ piece. One of those over sized ‘handgonnes’ that could do as much damage to the operators as the enemy. The Pavise was inspired by some of the figures painted by the St Petersburg Collection from Russia. These are obscenely good 54mm figures. It is supposed to be ‘St George’ which was Charles’ personal Saint. Its a shame it doesnt quite work in 28mm. Take a look at the St Petersburg Collection. It will make you weep.

Flemish chaps!

This is Charles. On one side is the Ducal banner, on the other his personal standard.
The figures behind him look like Italian mercenaries.

This is Edward IV. I love the way his personal banner came out. The Royal Standard looks a bit crappy in this photograph – I simply cannot get my head around painting Fleur de Lys and the leopards just wouldn’t come out properly.
The scenery in the backgound – tents trees and wagon fort were also made by me.


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