Bayerisches Boogie-Woogie

Here are the pictures of my Bavarian Brigade for the Imperial Army of the 7 Years War.

They are actually Old Glory French, but they were the nearest I could find to the correct uniform. There are some of Guernsey Foundry’s strange figures in there and a few American Revolution Figs too (I know, I know – the Tricornes were different). Put it down to the callowness of youth.

The Bavarian uniforms of the mid eighteenth century were very much darker than the Cornflower Blue of later years

There are no generals, because like Frederick the other day, the photos made them look truly awful. Much worse in fact than they look in real life. Technology eh? I cant seem to get the hang of it.

If you have a problem on the battlefield  – Demand “Wittelsbach Lozenges!” – They wont let you down!


5 responses

  1. Lovely job mate they look great, I think that Austrians would be a better match for you here. I could of course be talking total rubbish but I seem to recall something along these lines before.


    • Dave.
      They are coming!
      As soon as it stops raining here I will Dullcote the Reichs Armee contingent and then the Austrians.
      The Bavarians are only here to make up numbers and look pretty.

      • I had a quick look and the Austrian inf figure “is” a better fit for Bavarians. I was a bit confused by some I had painted years ago in 15mm from Frei Korp which were actually Bavarians! I have some examples of Bav. uniform cloth and I will post that on WD3 when I find them.

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