Gentlemen! I obey the King. And you shall obey me!

New gallery added ‘Prussians’

This showcases my Prussian 7 Years War troops. Painted quite some time ago, when I couldn’t do eyes. I could do flags though – but not eyes.

Having read how the Duke of Plaza-Toro does his flags a word of explanation as to how I approach mine.

I always use paper, paper can be folded every which way, and once varnished stays rigid.

You can draw anything you wish on paper using any media.

It stays flat until you have finished then you can shape and highlight.

It accepts all forms of colouring media especially a combination of oil and acrylics.

These Prussian flags – and the Imperial ones that will follow were created long before it was possible to scan and print from a computer.

Therefore these were sketched (pencil) then copied for repeat patterns.

They were then glued on poles and left to dry thoroughly.

I then washed them in Burnt Umber oil paint which covered the picture to a bare minimum.

This faint image was used as a guide-line for the basic design.

Once the flags were blocked out in solid colour the embellishments such as wreaths and cyphers were painted over, from dark outline to highlight.

Where there are fiddly centres – such as Virgins in sunbursts as in Austrian and Bavarian that was done free hand.

Really it was only the Bavarian lozenges that I made sure I had a good solid image to paint over as they are buggers to do (like Fleur de Lys – which I swear I will never do again!).

The Kreis (Imperial) flags were quite good to do though

I loved doing the Saxon flags, apart from the Inhaber’s flag of regiment Staerschadl, with its circular writing

All the flags in the Burgundian gallery are freehand – obviously using originals as sources. I have improved with my human figures since then – at least one depiction of a female looks very male. I tried to depict the embroidery by the use of slightly lighter shades of the base colour using random swirls. The originals are utterly beautiful pieces of artwork and are impossible to do accurately in this scale.

I am especially pleased with the banner of Edward IV.

I did a shed load of 15mm Byzantines with lots of banners depicting Christ and that gave me the confidence to do a 28mm banner for the Roman general.

However I did cheat with the flags of the Arab Auxilliaries for the Byzantines, which were built up from clip art images. There is something about intricate geometry that befuddles me. I can do lions OK but not lozenges and lots of squares.

On the Elephant dio the Sassanid shields were hand done, I am quite happy with the peacock.

Having checked neither Edward nor the Byzantines are on the blog yet. I thought they were I will put some pics on.

I think in future if I was going to paint more mediaeval, I would ask Rune Kramm to do the flags for me as he is the guy who does the flags on the Danish site

I know Rune gets it right (unlike many other flag producers!)

I will not go near Napoleonic flags. Never, never, never!


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