Rogues! Do you want to live forever?

Quite some time ago, I let my enthusiasm get the better of me. This is not unusual. One of the first armies I ever built was a 25mm Achaemenid Persian army and I got everything on the army list (army list=I was young!) Several hundred figures, A Norman Army was also ‘maxed’ out.

And then came Empire. With Empire, this desire to get everything was fine, because of course, if you are creating the first corps, then you HAVE to get all of it!-  otherwise it wouldn’t be the first corps – I guess that’s where my gaming philosophy departs from most wargamers.

Getting back into 25/28 after our Empire group split up (lack of space!) coincided with the end of my studies. There I had been lucky enough to study, or perhaps more accurately suffer, under the forensic and punishing intellect of Professor John Childs. Childs did a course on warfare in the seventeenth and eighteenth century. Despite my inability to meet his intellectual standards (and quite rightly!) – this was a fantastic window onto the age of reason. Childs was a superbly funny and pithy lecturer working without notes, and knew his stuff.

The seeds were sown for me to ‘get into’ wargaming the seven years war ( though not Steve’s area of North America).

My original intention was to  collect all the regiments of both sides present at Leuthen, one of history’s ‘perfect’ battles (along with Cannae and Austerlitz). There is a lot of information (thanks to both John and Steve) out there on the 7YW and it’s easily readable – and maps Oob’s etc.

About 10% into my project however I came across a big problem. No rules!

Most people I knew used Koenig Krieg or Warfare/Reason. To be honest neither fulfilled the claims in their preamble, especially Age of Reason, which seemed to fail completely to understand the period. The crunch came when playing a game. One chap told me, that the rules were excellent “…because they forced you to use the tactics of the period”

There came from that statement the realisation that, that was the last thing they did. And I lost enthusiasm for gaming.

I tried to write my own rules. I knew what I wanted to achieve but had to overcome two problems; the first was an inability to express my ideas simply and secondly top overcome the fundamental lack of understanding  of most gamers of how armies worked in the mid C18 (I haven’t read Maurice yet – that might have changed).

My rules did not work and I couldn’t find anyone who shared my interpretation as how they should work.

By this time I had amassed quite a few figures. Not thousands, but quite a few. And since my disapointment they have lain in boxes, awaiting the call…

So I got them out, dusted them off and took some pics. Painting is not as good as I do now, but in my defence I was rather churning them out!

Flags hand painted (and that’s improved too!)

Oh and I detest the Dixons figures – horrible and strange proportions, slightly short.

Mostly are Old Glory and a few Front Rank. Hated the Foundry ones who all seemed to have a dowagers hump.

There are no pics of the Great Frederick, because he looks crap when photographed.

Prussians up first in several chunks, then Imperials (which I love nearly as much as the Saxons)


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