Romanes ite domum

I have finally been able to get the late Roman general back for some pictures.

The figures are converted Foundry with cloaks, buckles (miliput/green stuff) and shields added and a completely different standard. Brass spears sharpened and with added tassles.

The road is miliput and silflor tufts down the edges.

The standard and shields are hand painted. The standard is based on various Christ mosaics from Ravenna. The tassles are brass wire. The Chi-Rho at the top is plasticard and the little plaque just below does say SPQR.

The generals shield (completely made up) shows the Chi-Rho below a younger Christ. The standard bearers shield and the trumpeters shield show them to be from the Domestici Equites.



5 responses

  1. Robin,

    Just stumbled on your blog while doing my nightly round of Lead Adventure Forum posts. Your blog had me reminiscing about a basement in Bradford too. Love the dioramas you are doing – top stuff.


  2. Thanks very much for the comments. I really enjoyed doing this. Apart from the square base its probably exactly what Atelier Robin was designed to do – something unique and original.

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