The anvil chorus!

At last the forge is done.

I have  split it into two bases to make it a more flexible model which also means that all the bits can be seen.

Part one has the Perry Forge (arrrgh – never again!), two Brigade Games sailors converted to become blacksmith’s assistants, a Minifigs two wheel forge, the Eureka artisan set and finally a Brigade Games scientist, doing some sort of ‘Faber du Four’ role.

Part two has the horse lines with Eureka horses, a converted Perry regimental boy, and the blacksmith hussars and horses section from the Perry forge.

The second bakery is also done with additional figures from Brigade Games, extra tables, an old Hinchliffe hand cart and lots of milliput bread. The lady treading the dough has a spare Perry Dragoon helmet. The Brigade Games scientisthas become Commandant Brioche, Inspecteur du Pain, and another brigade games sailor has been converted to become a bakers assistant.


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