Run for the hills…It’s the Saxons

These fellows have been hidden in a box for eighteen months. Its not that I am ashamed of them, its just that I have been doing other stuff.

If I am honest, the Thirty Years War is my favouritest, favouritest period. And there are some super figures out there. TAG (which make up the photos below) and Emile Horky’s ‘Bohemian troops’ which are utterly lovely. Other makers ranges don’t quite capture the flavour of the period for me.

I am especially inspired by the vast ranges of Zinnfiguren for this era. There are some quite sublime sculpts out there. I do wish figure manufacturers would take a look at them for inspiration – double mounted dragoons especially.

I have three completed infantry regiments and one waiting for bases. One regiment of Arquebusiers, and some cavalry needing completing. Two guns several general figures and a camp which may end up being bigger than the rest put together.

Many of the figures are converted. New heads or hats, field signs such as arm bands and occasionally oak leaves tucked into hats.

The flags are hand painted.

Flag accuracy is something of an obsession for me – there really is more information out there than you might at first think and yet so much stuff circulating within the wargames ‘community’ is wrong. I wont labour the point, but if I can find this information then I can’t see why others cannot. Especially if they reckon they are making some profit out of producing flags for gamers!

Will I ever game with these naturally gifted soldiers? – unlikely. Will I complete my goal of six regiments of foot and horse and two of dragoons, I hope so. Will my camp ever realistic in size compared to the army – not a hope!

Anyhow I have also just finished the bloody field forge and bakery and they will be photographed later today.

The red regiment is ‘Schaumberg’ and the green regiment is ‘Loser’


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