Stercus accidit!

More elephant pics.

My mate John who does know one end of a camera from another took these pics and they are really really good, so I thought I would chuck them on the blog whilst we wait for the paint to dry on the next project.

Mrs AR decided that my painting room needed ‘tidying up’ and sorting out. So here I am surrounded by boxes of stuff, finding things I didnt know I had and realising just how much crap I had stored away. I am assured by the one who knows that when its all cleared away my painting life will be a lot easier.

I am not the best organised person, but even I can see the advantages of having labelled boxes of stuff rather than just piles of stuff.

Several bin bags of  formerly ‘really really important and useful crap’ has already left the building, and I dont feel any pain at all!

Just wait though in three months time I will say to myself – ahh I have got just the thing for that. I have had it thirty years, just waiting for this very moment- before realising its gone forever!

We have just returned form an awsome holiday in Bavaria – It is stunning. The food is excellent (it’s not quite Belgium, but its damn good) The people were lovely and the scenery was astounding.

The beer though,  was dissapointing. It did not seem to have any beers of character like Belgium does. Nice enough and very good quality, but I really couldn’t tell them apart. One brand of Dunkel tasted pretty much like any another bottle of Dunkel, etc.

Anyroads here they come again

Stercus accidit!


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