Joanna Mark 2 on Ebay

The fully upgraded Joanna with Pine-Tree Technology is now on ebay. I think that this model is rather nice.


I am currently working on the field forge. This will be a two parter (and will have two forges!). The bases are designed to fit together, to give a better impression of all the activity. Because Alan Perry did it with Hussars, I have painted it up as the 2nd Hussars – which seems a particularly popular choice judging from other people’s versions. At least it means that it could be set in the Peninsula or Germany.

I have added Eureka’s artisans and some extra horses. I am also thinking of a couple of other figures just to add interest.


I am also cracking on with a second example of Eureka’s lovely Bakery. This will have extra details and extra figures like last time.

I am also creating a two figure vignette (which is what vignette means really!), which I will not discuss until its finished, but it may add a smile to one or two peoples faces!



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