Playin’ the Joanna… now with extra Pine Trees!!!

I had had it in mind to make a model of Joanna Stegen, Heldenmadschen von Luneberg ever since I saw Knotel’s painting. I have managed to find three other pictures- two of which somewhat unhelpfully show her in the village itself and there is some lovely ad hoc defensive works on show.

I think the other painting which shows her in the countryside might even be by Knotel too –it certainly has that ‘look’ about it.

I  made the original Joanna  based on the Knotel painting without the woods in which she was depicted. I was pleased with the result, but it bombed on eBay.

I pondered-in between elephant bases- and realised that it did indeed need trees.

So I made six Scots Pines and put them on the base. To be fair the trees shown in the paintings could be Poplars, but Scots Pines seemed to be easier than any Poplar that I know of.

And the result is rather pleasing and much more atmospheric. I am not happy with the photographs, they are too dark. My daughter helpfully explained that this was because of the trees!


Joanna is on my For Sale page


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