More pictures…

I have been asked to put up some more pictures of Cossacks. So here they are. They give a better impression of the composition of the diorama. The picture I put up earlier was a result of playing around with photoshop. I like photoshop – its dead clever.

I’ll get there eventually, with the consistency.

My mate John – who runs has been very generous (and patient)  with his advice. I still don’t quite ‘get it’ and there is a lot to think about and remember. I am getting a new tripod today.

So lets all raise a bottle to our horses. Indeed for those of a Cossacky frame of mind check out ‘Legendary’ Len Liggins is also a mate of mine – so go buy his records!

As usual these figures from Eureka are  dynamic and very cleanly sculpted and cast. I am an increasing fan of Eureka. I am really glad that the fantastic imagination that brought the world fighting Teddy Bears, is now bringing us these sweet diorama(s) (Not sure that this is the plural of diorama)


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  1. Just a quick note to let you know that I have tried to comment on your posts, but WordPress has been acting the goat for ages. If this actuay gets through, excellent figures and always worth a good viewing.

    I always seem to have trouble with Eureka horses (spent part of this evening repainting three of them), but you’ve made an excellent job of yours. Good stuff!


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