erm…where was I?

Oh deary me!

I seem to have entirely missed the point of a blog.

Anyhow, for both of my regular visitors-

Did you think that you were the only one? I’ll bet you will be trying to guess who the other visitor is now.

They could , of course, be a figment of my imagination.

So for you, and my imaginary friend, here is an update.

I have been struggling with the Perry French field forge- it’s a nasty thing to put together. Yes it looks good when it’s done, but  I can’t believe that the design of the model could not have been done with the modeller in mind. The figures are of course beautiful.

The forge will form a two part diorama, together with Eureka’s field artisans, some cart or other and a picket line of horses. It’s all in my head at the moment.

There is another Bakery on its way with added figures (and probably a bigger pile of baked goods than the last one) Apart from the Eureka folk, a couple of brigade games figures are destined to populate the scene.

I have also started a couple of French ‘recreational’ camp scenes. It has been done before by others, but obviously these will have the “Atelier Robin” twist.

There are some British Generals coming on – The Perry ones Picton etc. Oh and Bloody Uxbridge – for the second time. I had completed him and four other mounted men when my gloss varnish crackled. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

So half a gallon of Nitro Mors later and the nightmare still fresh in my mind, it will be interesting to see if I can recreate the creative muse.

And the Elephant. Well two elephants. And some horsemen. And some dead and dying Romans. There has been a basing disaster. I managed to create a badly warped scene and currently have got it clamped down tight in an effort to restore some sort of correct shape.

I don’t think that this will work, and so have ordered a new set of blades for my scroll saw and I have my eye on a very old and warp proof piece of plywood.

However, even if I do say it myself (and I am a very reluctant self-publicist), The figures have turned out very nice indeed. When it is done I shall give a good description of the how’s and whys..

So on to the latest figures.

Claymore Castings ‘Otterburn 1388’ range – these are super every bit as good as anything currently available. The entire range looks very dynamic.

Flags of war however, do need to do their homework.

Sometime ago I scratch built a knight circa 1465-70 in light array for fighting on foot. I used any old bits I had and lots of milliput and pro create. I like him, he looks very dynamic. I have a soft spot for Louis de Bruges, Seigneur de Gruuthuis. I like his motto ‘plus est en vous’ – ’there is more within you’. This strikes me as a modern or enlightened sentiment. His house in Bruges is fine museum.

‘Cossacks’ more great models from Eureka – Every Russian army should have some looting Cossacks, just to reassure their allies!

Johanna Stegen, originally inspired by the Knotel painting, further research revealed three further pictures one of which was the same as Knotel but from a different angle (might also be a Knotel, it has the same ‘style) and the other two show Johanna in the town of Luneburg itself. I decided to do her in the countryside. The Knotel has her on a road with Poplars, I thought the Poplars might be a bit much. Perry miniatures.

General Blucher. I cannot tell if I am happy with this. I am pleased with how the general came out, but think the composition of the model may have wasted a Prussian 6lber. What do you think?

Oh…and they are on Ebay.


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