The Spangle of the Heavens!!! and the base part 2

Here is the King of Kings – with added tassles- with apolgies to Aventine. Its a lovely figure, but to my mind needed more fancy bits like they have on those statues in Iran.

He got shoe tassles made from brass strip and pro-create for bows. The long tassles were made with fine brass wire twisted into a rope with a bobble of milliput to give the end thing some substance. The bobbles were made from procreate marked with a pen nib. Holes were drilled into the saddle and his back and they were fixed in with cyano/epoxy.

I ummed and arred about making him a crown. But his helmet is so well sculpted I did not think I could spoil it. When I make the  next Shah dio I will make him a new hat!

He is undercoated with Halfords primer, but I will have to go over it in parts with Gesso.

The base is coming along too.

It is a river flowing past two raised areas. The terrain itself was formed out of mdf and cork acting as an escarpment. This was covered in milliput. I painted the whole in ‘Desert yellow’ any will do, and stained with burnt siena oil. Once dry the base was covered with ‘Scatter Grip’ -which is quite disgusting stuff – and covered with medium grade sieved earth.

We have a heavy clay soil which produces lovely sieved earth once dry, right down to really quite fine. For extra fine earth – I buy that in.

The base was done this a.m. and left on top of our glowing wood stove and was completely dry by dinner time.

The next stage will be to colour the earth with an airbrush.


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