Pink Elephants on Parade

I have recently finished a rather lovely late Roman general for a client (I forgot to take a photo). And he has come back to me requesting a substantial commanders base for his newly acquired Sassanid army.

We talked this over. He wanted something that will knock his opponents off their stool (artistically speaking) but did not want it as a playing piece because he thought that committing the ‘King of Kings’ into personal combat was a bit sordid and well beneath him ( the Shah, that is).

So we are having two (yes TWO) of those rather nice Aventine elephants one for the Shah and one normal one. I am currently adding trinkets and fancy bits to both. I have enlarged the cushion the general sits on, also that of his standard bearer. I Have added some tassels to the Shah – taking inspiration from the rock carvings in Iran. I am making a new standard. I have added plumes to the other elephant crews. I may add plumes to the elephant headdress – they are described as having them.

The  tower on elephant number 2 was a bit of a bugger to put together I thought, but it’s there now. I havent decided if it will be left plain.

We are going to have three charging asvaran accompanying the elephants, these will be the A and A models which I am looking forward to doing.

There will be a few dead romans, and a Gripping Beast shield wall, nervously awaiting its fate behind which will be  Westwind’s ‘Death of Arthur’ converted to represent the losing Roman general.


This will go on a 6 X 6 inch base.

Lots to do on the base yet. All figures will have their bases removed and be drilled and pinned to enable me to ‘fix’ them into the landscape.


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