Just back from White Rose Military Modelling soc. We had an interesting talk by Wayne Reynolds, a former illustrator for Osprey (Mongols and  Japanesey/ Korean stuff), now doing illustrations for Reaper and  role-playing game books and box art.

Napoleon (in the gallery) and Wellington (appearing here shortly) got a bronze medal (again!- can’t seem to break out of the third place zone) The winner was a 75mm British infantry private in America circa 1760. second place went to a bust of a Hoplite. Un-placed was a quite delightful Egyptian Temptress – the skin tones were lovely as was the marble pillar she leant languidly against. Also impressing me was a War of the roses bust – the armour was very good, and a trench diorama which was very atmospheric. There are some seriously talented folk over there (with a remarkable geographic spread of membership).

So I am buoyed up by all that. The two generals will be on Ebay soon no doubt (I have no where for them to live at my house.) Bulow will be on there soon no doubt and a rather nice model of a field bakery, but more on that later.

For my next post I hope to look at a new commission of the ‘King of Kings’ a two elephant, three horsemen and fifteen foot figure diorama, which, if my talent matches my imagination will be stonking.


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